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Friday, 23 March 2018

Seaglass ...

Just over a year ago, when I was on my honeymoon in Overstrand on the Norfolk coast, we were located right next to the beach.  We often walked along the beach into neighbouring Cromer and it was lovely to beachcomb along the way ...  I found an aqua coloured piece of seaglass one morning and have kept it ever since.  I recently found a jeweller who made pendants, earrings and bracelets from seaglass.  I asked if she could make a pendant from my piece and she willingly did!  Here's the beautiful result ....

I now have a lovely reminder of my honeymoon week that I can wear.

You can see more exquisite creations here, all at a very reasonable price:


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Monday, 12 March 2018

Minerva Product Testing - Zandra Rhodes Vogue Jacket

You can read all about how I made this Vogue Zandra Rhodes Designer Jacket here on the Minerva Crafts blog:


It has to be one of the most technically demanding garments I have ever made ....  worth it though.

Friday, 5 January 2018

It's a New Year

Well all the festivities are over now but they had a sad tinge for me due to the loss of Oscar ....  I'll never forget him but I am helping myself to get over the fact that he is no longer here by doing some of my favourite things.  I've started a needlepoint cushion which I was given for Christmas and also did work on my next project for the Minerva Craft Blog (it involves a lot of quilting which took the best part of 8 hours to do ... the repetition was very therapeutic to do though).  I'll carry on into the New Year healing in this way ...

I am also starting the Make It In Design Winter School 2018 on Monday so I have that to look forward to ....

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Sad news ...

I featured my cat, the lovely Oscar in this blog a few times in his capacity as my crafting assistant and I was looking forward to showing you more about his life but I have sad news ...  He passed away on 17 December suddenly.  He was a beautiful boy and Kev and I loved him very much.  We feel fortunate that he was given to us for the 2 years we had him.  He had a comical character and was a wonderful friend.  Sleep peacefully little one.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 - Ultra VIolet

What do you think of this?  I love it.  It seems as though this end of the spectrum continues - we had Radiant Orchid in 2016 and now Ultra Violet.  Both pinky purple shades, although strong and defined this year.  2017 was of course Greenery, but I'm rather taken with this year's colour ... 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Minerva Product Testing - Clover Tablet Templates

You can see my latest product test over on the Minerva blog here.  I made a sewing wallet using templates designed for making both paper and electronic tablet covers, which I customized.  The product is from the Nancy Zieman range for Clover, who sadly passed away this week.  I didn't know anything about Nancy beforehand but have since found out that she was a huge sewing celebrity in the US.  I was sorry to hear the sad news.


Friday, 3 November 2017

Tracey Island - Macmillan Bake Off 2017

A couple of weeks ago we held our Macmillan Coffee Morning at work, which is an annual event here in the UK.  It ran along similar lines to last year and we had a competition for the Best Baker - I came second last year and I went all out to try and win this time and it worked ...  In my head, I knew what I wanted to recreate - I had a vision of Tracey Island from Thunderbirds ...  I spent three whole evenings and about 20 hours trying to achieve this, plus about a week of planning time when I had to think about exactly how I would recreate the various elements in the design ....

I made a lake from melted Glacier Mints ....  that itself took a whole evening - I really didn't have an idea of how long it would take to melt a few sweets in a Bain Marie.  The idea worked though!  I first saw this done in an episode of this year's Great British Bake Off where it was used to re-create the effect of glass.  I melted the mints onto baking parchment and peeled away the backing.  I had the idea of making the end result look even more like a lake by backing the whole melted area with rolled out white royal icing which I tinted on the surface with blue food colouring.

How could I make palm trees?  I used Matchmaker chocolates for the trunks as they are long and nobbly and tree like.  The palm fronds are of green rolled out icing which I cut with Christmas holly cutters.  If they are overlaid offset on each other and stuck on the end of the Matchmakers, then they just look like palm trees!

The island itself was made from 3 cakes that I baked separately and then cut to shape and stacked on to each other to make a base, house, various launchpads and rocky crevices.  It was done from chocolate and vanilla flavoured victoria sponge swirled together to create a marble effect inside and stuck together with vanilla buttercream filling.  I covered the whole with chocolate flavoured buttercream which was then decorated with flower and green bobble cake decorations to look like plants and grass.

White and grey royal icing was rolled out to make the house walls, windows and roof, along with a landing strip, cave entrance and launchpad turret.

I managed to find a set of 3 diecast Thunderbirds vehicles in exactly the right size which provided the finishing touches ....

I was up against a lot of competition with tastes and flavours but the approach to make an eye catching traditional cake was favourite and apparently, tasted as good as it looked!

How will I top this next year?  I think I may just have to stand down and let someone else have a go .....